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2019 5K ROUTE

2019 5K ROUTE MAP Coming Soon

2018 5K ROUTE




Outbound Course

  • Start on Sundance Road (self-seeded start).
  • Immediate left onto Cave Avenue.
  • Left onto Banff Avenue (cross over the bridge).
  • Right onto Wolf Street, Eastbound lane (runner’s right).
  • Right onto Otter Street, Southbound lane (runner’s right).

Return Course

  • Right onto Caribou Street, Westbound lane (runner’s right).
  • Left onto Muskrat Street, Southbound lane (runners’ right).
  • Cross Buffalo Street and proceed over Ped Bridge (runner’s left).
  • Left onto footpath between river and Glen Ave.
  • Right at Y in footpath before Upper Bow Falls.
  • Turn around before footpath reaches Bow Falls Ave and return along footpath toward Ped Bridge.
  • Left onto Glen Ave at Ped Bridge trail intersection (runner’s right).
  • Proceed along Glen Ave under Banff Ave Bridge.
  • Proceed along Birch Ave to Rec Grounds footpath.
  • Proceed along footpath past skate board park
  • Left just after the skateboard park run onto the back of the ball diamond turf to access the gravel pathway over to the finish line on the run track.



In the event of an emergency that the original preauthorized 5K route could not be used, Melissa’s Road Race would use the following route for the 5K event.

Start time will depend upon circumstances and will be advised by the Wildlife Response Officer when to safely proceed.

Note, for the contingency route, the 5K runners could start after the 10K runners.

  • Self-seeded start on Sundance Road, heading towards Cave Avenue.
  • Immediate left onto Cave Ave.
  • Left onto the small access road leading to Birch Ave; then right along Birch Ave and proceed under the Banff Ave Bridge to the pedestrian bridge.
  • Left onto the pedestrian bridge; the centre of the bridge will be delineated so that runners will stay on the left hand side keeping the other side of the bridge open for general use.
  • Left onto the footpath heading under the Banff Ave Bridge. 
  • Continue on the footpath around Central Park and beside the Bow River, proceeding to the path exit onto Bow Ave. just before the canoe docks.
  • Using the paved road on Bow Ave, proceed to the Buffalo Street corner
  • Left onto Buffalo and proceed past the Lynx Street intersection onto the sidewalk.
  • Follow the sidewalk through the top of Central Park.  The path will be clearly delineated with caution tape and cones to ensure that runners cross through this area safely and allow the sidewalks at the corners of/on Banff Ave to remain open to pedestrians.
  • At the end of this path, runners turn right and exit onto the sidewalk of the Banff Ave Bridge and return over the bridge to the corner of Cave Ave.
  • Right onto Cave Ave to the small access road to Birch Ave, and then veer onto the footpath.  Proceed past the bicycle park, the small parking lot and the skateboard park.  The path then turns into a road surface at this point.  Continue on this road.
  • Left at Sundance Road corner, proceeding along Sundance Road.
  • Left at the entrance to the track and continue to the finish line.